Saturday, April 14, 2012

My "students" and their activities

I was on a message board the other day and the topic of extra-curricular activities got brought up again. The questions usually gets asked several times a year: "How many activities are too many?" or "How many activities do your kids participate in?"

I truly find this question to be one that is best answered by your own child. Does you child like being on the go? Does he/she thrive on social activities? Etc. I don't think any other child can be a barometer for your own child.

Now... My two? Umm... Each morning I get the same questions "Mom. Where are we going today? What are we going to do?"

My K and O are truly involved with tons of activities.

  • K has: drama, voice lessons, homeschool ministry (5 classes), dance, church activities, and more
  • O has: drama, gymnastics, karate, homeschool ministry (4 classes), church activities and more as well

Some days my poor husband's head spins at what the kids are or are not doing. K has an extra drama workshop this weekend that culminates in an audition. I just informed him of this audition. His comment "My head is spinning with all of this." O is about to start auditioning for plays as well this summer. My poor, poor hubby. I promise we have it all straight and will keep you informed.

Spinning head of my husband aside, this crazy schedule fits my children. It's also another reason I believe homeschooling is a good choice for us. Homeschooling allows us to be done with school by early afternoon and have time for many extra activities. These activities also help answer any questions people may ask about socialization. :-)

I love that my kids have the time to explore many areas of interest. They are finding they love the stage. They are also discovering love of sports, and music. As my kids grow, they will also have more opportunities to serve in their community. 

I love homeschooling. My children are experiencing life as they grow up. They are finding who they are and what they love. My favorite part? I get to watch every minute of it! 

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