Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mommy conversations

It was a beautiful day outside today! I was blessed to take my kids to a birthday party for a sweet, sweet little boy. How fun! The little one was celebrating his 5th in Star Wars fashion; a jedi came to play games with the kids!

While watching my two be trained in the jedi ways, I was able to have an adult conversation with another mom there. I was struck by the statement made by the mom that when you have kids your world ceases to be about you. As a parent your world is centered around your kid(s). It's so true! My core thought has changed dramatically since having my kids. My first go-to thought is how will the kids be affected by this, or will this be good for the kids, or will the kids enjoy this, etc. Before I had kids, I had no clue how consuming they would be. However, the rewards from this are well worth it! I can truly say I get the better end of the deal with the love they give me. There are days when I feel guilty about needing a break, or wishing I could just have an hour to myself. Then I stop to refocus and remember that kids are just temporary. We, as parents, are getting them ready to go out into the world one day and live for themselves. After my job is done I will have plenty of evenings to sit on my deck and sip coffee while reading a book and enjoying the birds. Until then? I am so happy to be needed so completely by K and O. I am blessed that they love and need me like this. 

On another note church was such a blessing today. The pastor has the kids take turns bringing in a bag with a toy in it. Then he takes the toy out during children's moment and on the spot teaches a lesson about God's love for them using that toy. Today's toy? A Sleeping Beauty doll. Today's lesson? Our hearts can be a bit like Sleeping Beauty. Our hearts can be asleep to a lot of things and they are just waiting for true love to wake them up. The true love? God's love. WOW! I am so guilty of hardening my heart at times. Today I was reminded that God's love is so true and it's a perfect gift. Thank you God for sending that doll to church today. :-)

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