Sunday, April 22, 2012

School, and field trips and auditions! Oh My!

The last week was a crazy one for all of us. But that's how we roll here.... thriving on the chaos called life. I'm very, very grateful we are able to have the normal and fun chaos that we have. Our situation could be very different in a heartbeat if God chose to change it. So I relish the life He's given us. I thank Him daily for our fun times. For without Him this would not be!

School work last week continued to go so smoothly! I have O concentrating on his reading and math work only at home. He gets science and other work in at the homeschool ministry each Tuesday. When that ends this week we'll add a little more into his week for the "other" subjects. However, he's only 5 so the basics are good. Plus he seeks out science on his own through watching Nat Geo's tornado documentaries. He's declared he wants to take a storm chasing vacation! Yep. He's mine. :-)

K is still loving her math. I'm finding the simple beauty of Teaching Textbooks. If you gloss over it it seems so simple. Yet once you get going with the program it really works to cement the concepts. Yay! We now have a daughter with a 98% average in math (normally I don't keep grades but the program does it for me). She finished Mary Poppins this week and declared the book better than the movie. That's my girl. :-) She's also sailing through the rest of her language arts for the year.

This past week we took a field trip with a new homeschool group. It was much fun! The kiddos took a self defense class. The funniest moment? The moms were supposed to go up to their kids and try to lure them to their cars. The kids were supposed to yell "No! You are not my dad!!" This was all for practice. So I do this to K and she does exactly what she was supposed to do. I turn to O and ask him "Do you want to get a milkshake?" He says "YES!!!!" Poor kid. I don't think he quite got it. Then after class he was still wondering if we were going for ice cream! LOL.

Another exciting event this week was K's audition. She went to the Junior Theater Festival's Intensive Workshop yesterday. There were four sessions (acting, dancing, singing and auditioning). After the session were done she had lunch before the afternoon auditions for The King and I. The show will be performed at the Fox Theater in downtown. It's a big deal and she's still very young and new to the world of drama and especially music theater.

The auditions were held on a stage in the gym of a school. The crew set up about 10 rows of chairs for family, kids waiting for auditions, and whom ever else was present. I'm not kidding. These kids auditioned not only in front of the 4 judges but everyone else in there! The kids ranged in age from 6 - 14. WOW!!!! The composure of each and everyone, as they walked through a choreographed sequence, then went up on the stage and sung the song solo in front of everyone there, was unbelievable!

K was in the third group to go. All of her friends from her drama school had already gone and each one of them got a callback. K's friends from a local community theater had gone and were cut. K walked too fast on the choreography but did a great bow before the king (which was an empty chair). I had no clue what that would mean. Then up on the stage my baby went. She's never been one to project while singing and usually freezes up in auditions. Well...... my baby sung so loudly I could hear her in the back row with no microphone! She sang beautifully. If nothing else she had made a break through and we would have been happy. But.... her name was called for a call back!!!

I was blinking back tears as she ran back to me. The look on her face was just pure joy. There's no way to describe it. I can only pray everyone gets to see their children so happy! I hugged her so close and composed myself so I wouldn't cry. Before she went in she had said her goal was just a call back. However, she not only made her goal, she sang very well and projected. She also maintained her composure through the whole thing. I was so happy she had reached her goal.

Callbacks were nerve wracking for me but she did great. I dare to hope she will make it in. There are several hundred more kids auditioning today so we'll see. It does not matter if she gets in though. She met her goal. Getting in would just be the rest of the dream come true!

I'm so proud of my kids. O was so supportive of his sister. When K was in the morning workshops I got to spend some fun time with O and my hubby. My O was so happy when K told him she got a call back. He hugged her tightly and told her good job. He's looking forward to his time in the spotlight. But, until then he's been happy to be a big support to his sister. When his time comes I can't imagine K being any less supportive. I cannot be more blessed then what I am.

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