Thursday, July 28, 2011

Questions to ponder

As we gear up for back to school time my daughter gets the "Where do you go to school?" question quite a bit. She usually tells people she's "homeschooled". Then she gets the "What grade are you in?" question. This is very confusing for her. She looks at me like she's totally befuddled. I then explain to whomever that she's second grade age but doing third grade work. At this point I usually get the "Oh! She's one of the wackos who's confused her kid by homeschooling them." looks. It's happened a lot this week. LOL.

I think the best answer my daughter ever gave to the "Where do you go to school?" questions was "I don't go to school." This answer was given to a cop in Starbucks one afternoon! Talk about wanting to melt into the floor. I politely explained we homeschool and asked if he would like to see our official DOI. Thankfully he laughed and said no.

Another question that comes up a lot is "When are you putting them into school?" Umm... Never! That's my typical answer. Then I hear all about how my kids need to go to school in middle and high school. Hmm... NOPE! This is one point in their lives I am really looking forward to teaching. I can't wait for upper level sciences.

But, it gets me thinking. I sit there and listen to them tell me that I must put my kids in the system at some point. However, I never tell them what to do with their kids. I've never felt the right to tell people what's best for their kids. Yet, since my kids are not part of the "norm" I get to be told what to do with mine. WOW!!

This week I had one of the hardest questions posed to me. "Can you tell me how to homeschool?" Took my breath away. I have never been asked. This lady was so nice and sweet. She was truly concerned for her child and the education he was getting. This question scares the bejeebers outta me. What if I tell her something that is wrong for her family? What does she need to know first? Tonight I am going to email her some points of reference that I find valuable. I can only pray that this will help her. I can only pray that I will be of true guidance and help to her and not lead her astray.

In closing I guess all of us homeschoolers are subject to questions. Lots of questions. But, it all seems to boil down to how we answer these questions, and the dignity we uphold ourselves to, when we answer even the most contrite questions. Always remember it could be your child telling the cop that she doesn't go to school!

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