Sunday, July 10, 2011


A note about planning...... I would love to do some. Haha.

I need to being to plan but my school room is still a complete mess. It looks like a F5 swept through the thing. I don't even know what art supplies we still need, what curriculum we have and what we still need, if I have enough paper, etc. Ugh. I always think summer will bring serenity to our lives. WHATEVER! :-)

I do know we need to work something in for lit studies and creative writing for K. She is truly a creative person. Also, I would love to find some lesson plans using Legos for O. He's always building something.

K has discovered a new book series recently. She is loving The Doll People books. There's The Doll People, The Meanest Doll In The World and finally The Runaway Dolls. These books are by Ann M. Martin. I love them because while they are chapter books they also have some great illustrations. In The Runaway Dolls the pages where the dolls are gone from home there are cute background and borders to the pages.

Drama camps begin tomorrow. It'll be a long two weeks. But, K will have fun. O's looking forward to it too as I have special stuff planned for him.

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