Saturday, July 30, 2011


No! I am not sleepy! However, K got the role of Sleepy in Snow White. This is being produced by a local theater company. It was too funny. K read for several different characters but got Sleepy. I told her it was going to be a challenge for her. She's a firecracker and so full of energy it's going to take some effort for her to act tired all the time.

K is so excited to have a lead role in this. She is the youngest dwarf I believe. I'm so proud of her. The auditions began this morning at 10. She was in the first group and got a call back letter. I had her back there at 12 for a 1.5 hour audition of singing and dancing. Nerves were never noticeable but she did tell me that "Butterflies are in my tummy". I love her!!!

O got a good day with daddy today. They went to the Firehouse Subs shop for lunch. O was in heaven with all the fire gear in there. Scott said that O even ate most of his lunch! Yay! Then my men went to the mall so O could ride the train.

Overall a good day for everyone.

School starts on Monday. I hope I'm ready. The literature studies from Veritas Press came in. I was quite pleased with how they look.

K and O are very excited about school. It's been a long time and we are looking forward to a schedule again.

I'll post some pictures of the school room later.

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