Monday, June 6, 2011

Take two...or three... or four

It's too funny. I started this blog to help me keep up with schooling adventures and yet another year goes by and I fail to update it.

So I will try again.

We finished last year swimmingly. K scored off the charts on the CAT and enjoyed doing school. Well, maybe except the math.

O is finally ready for Kindy. He's so excited about doing his curriculum because there are bugs to be studied. He gets to do the butterfly garden and ant hill kits.

We have decided to go back to My Father's World curriculum for lots of reasons. I have missed using it. I don't know if it's nostalgia (it was the first curriculum we used) or just that it really worked well for us. I guess it doesn't matter as we are using it this fall.

For the summer K wanted to learn some detective science. Thanks Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman! We started today. We are using 65 One Minute Mysteries That You Can Solve With Science and Detective Science.

Today we talked about the importance of details. She studied a picture for 30 seconds then had to answer 6 questions. She got all right but one. Bright chick! Then she studied it again for 30 more seconds and has to answer another set of questions again tomorrow. It'll be interesting.

We did talk about how discrepancies occur with witness statements and how detectives have to be aware of that.

Overall today was good. We swam the morning away, ate lunch at the pool, swam some more, did summer school on the sofa, then vegged before dinner. I LOVE summer.

Ok. I'm closing now to get to bed. Hopefully I'll remember to write more tomorrow.

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