Sunday, November 25, 2012

Because I'm their mommy and you are NOT!

I wrote this a few weeks ago and just found it in my drafts folder. Posting it now. :-)

The title for this blog post comes from very disconcerting experiences lately. Why is it other parents feel they are fit to judge what we do, or why we do what we do, as parents?

Sometimes I feel that because I homeschool, I have an instant way for "those who judge" to judge. But, I'm finding the reverse of this too. Many of my friends who public school, are being judged that they are allowing someone else to "raise their child".

Now, I'm finding this questioning of my choices for my children, going over into other areas of our lives too. K got an agent. Yep! You read that right. I researched, and I found one that came recommended by people who knew her. We LOVE K's agent. It's been a great experience and we hope it continues to be that way. (Shhh... don't tell anyone; but, I am petrified of messing something up with the agent. I break into a cold sweat when I have to do paperwork. Haha. It's like doing something for the principal when you're in school.)

K was very lucky to be in an industrial (commercial for use within the company) a few months ago. Well.... I was telling one of my friends about it afterwards and how much fun K had. My friend looked at me and asked, "Oh! So are you guys going to do the whole Honey Boo Boo thing now?" OK. Momma bear was out! But, then I thought about it. Our culture almost encourages this type of thing. My daughter loves acting. She loves the art of it. She works at it, practices, takes classes and refines what she does. At eight years old she is so dedicated it's amazing. However, this day and age people seem to loose sight of the art of acting. It's all about the quick rise to fame and fortune. That's not us. I feel so sorry for those who would think that about us. I feel bad for the people who are so quick to judge what we do for our kids.

I don't think any of us are immune. I know I catch myself thinking at times, "Oh wow! I can't believe they are doing that with their child." It would be so much better if we could stop and remember, we are not that child's momma.

I'm the proud momma of two very loud and loving kids, two kids who have joi de vivre, two kids who I love very much. Because, I'm their momma, I have prayed over every choice I have made for them. Everything I have done, has been for love.

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