Sunday, November 25, 2012

A reflection of my year

Well, it's that time of year! I sat down last night and wrote my annual Christmas letter. Maybe this year I will actually get it out. LOL!

This year has been really crazy for our little family. Some of it was crazy good, some was crazy bad.

Until May we had been plugging along as usual. Then things really picked up for us.

In May O found his new passion/activity, tae kwon do. He fell in love with this sport instantly. Really... what boy would not look forward to going to class where you get to kick, punch, roll and swing sticks (the sticks are actually called Bahng Mahng Ees and they are not allowed to be used on his sister... EVER!)? He has done well with TKD. At home he will ask for us to pull up the videos of his forms so he can practice. In six months he has worked his way up to a green belt! Also, he went to a competition a month ago and did well. He was first up in his group for forms and kept his composure through all the moves. He tied for third in his forms and afterwards he told us he needs to work his kicks and next time his form will be better! Wow! He placed third in sparring. The week before in class he would stand there and let the other kids just hit and kick him. But, at the tournament he had his opponent dancing around the ring. I'm so floored how this little kid can compete with kids two and three years older, and hold his own. This boy has my heart! I love his confidence, his passion, his love. And he's only five years old. I look forward to what he brings to us in the future.

In May, K scored a main role in Seussical The Musical Jr. She really put a lot of pressure on herself for this play. She's still so small and petite, and her voice is still little. Her worry was that she would not be heard from the stage. The shows went well and she was happy with her performances. During her time in this play hubby and I decided her dedication and love of acting warranted us looking at agents for her. I found one on recommendation and amazingly this person signed K. K has no experience with film acting so this was amazing. We LOVE Mrs. B. I feel like she has K's safety in mind. She even understood when I turned down an audition for K after getting the script (I was not comfortable with the content). It scares me to the core to have K involved with this industry. K auditioned for an award winning acting troupe this past August and earned a spot! They only took 25 kids and K is one. She is one of the youngest and fights her hardest to keep up at each rehearsal. But, to see her face when we pull into the parking lot on rehearsal days is priceless. She lights up...glows! How do you tell her no? She loves this with all her heart. I know this child is going far. She's patient and knows it too. In her words, "One day I'll make it big! But, the glory will be God's!"

For hubby and I May was normal enough. Then, one day he was tasked with running the figures at work to see when the money would run out. BIG writing on the wall! He was let go in July. It was hard! He had worked for that company for almost 9 years. When he was first hired, he had hopes of retiring from them. This economy is hitting everyone hard and he was not immune. Once again God had us covered. It took hubsters five weeks to be hired with a new company. Here's the kicker...he would not have applied for this position if he still had his last job! The new job is quite different. He now has a commute, travel and all the trappings of a big company. However, he has some great benefits. He is also getting to see many places he would not have normally seen.

Me? I'm plugging along. Many times this year I have felt like I was barely treading the water to stay afloat. There were many times I felt like I was sputtering and gasping for air. But, God had me. For each time I felt like was was being pulled under, I would be lifted a little bit higher. Many times I have to remind myself that God will not give me more than what I can handle. I have handled some big stuff in my life (my brother's death, Katie's scary birth, Owen's health scares). But, at the end of each one I am a changed person. Changed for the better. I can honestly say this year has changed me in a big way. I will not enter the next year as the same person I was this year. God took me and molded me some more. He made me a better person. He made me realize just how much I love my hubby and kids. Because, at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the love I have for my family and from my family.

That my friends is my wish for all of you. Let yourselves be molded. It is not always a fun process but the end results are so worth it!

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