Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Updates and more

Well the cast list came out, and K did not make it into The King and I. She was a very brave little girl trying to act grown up about it. She finally ended up curled up in my lap talking it out. I love the way she logics through things. Her final piece of logic was that she didn't make it because her hair was not long enough for a bun. Um. OK. I will let that reasoning stand as her final thought. Personally, I think it was because she rushed the walk during the choreography sequence. I have found the time to discuss with her, since the audition, the importance of paying attention in dance class. She had never connected dance as being so important for theater. Now she knows. With each audition we see her improve and we are just happy she's happy!

I can remember the night she had told me this was her passion. Each and every night since I ask her if it's still fun. The moment this becomes not fun for her we will stop. I am all about my children following their passions. I will also advocate, run lines, listen to songs, watch dances and cheer! However, I refuse to become one of those moms who push their child to the limit and burn the child out. Everything she does for this is by her own accord. I do monitor to make sure she can handle it; but I will never push and have actually refused to let her audition for things. I have also dragged my feet very slowly on her request for an agent. I have contacted one that a friend recommended, and she wants to meet with K. I have yet to follow up and see this through. My thought? Ummm. We should have current pictures to send. Right? LOL.

O is quickly discovering his passions as well. He is really looking forward to his first audition for a fall production. He so wants to follow in his sister's footsteps. But, I want his steps to be of his own making. If the stage is his passion too then so be it. But until we know for sure... this boy is going to be exposed to lots of things.

O's new adventure? Karate! He's loving it. He even has gear! LOL. He has these cute little gloves and shoes for some of the classes. He used them for the first time last night and was over the moon excited about it! His favorite thing to do in class? Punch. This is the best activity ever for little boys. Where else can they punch, kick and yell and it's all OK and mandatory? Plus he gets to practice at home. (Our throw pillows are taking a serious beating! Haha!) Wow. I'm not looking forward to the day he progresses into learning how to use the weapons. Umm.... I guess it's kinda like jedi training and that makes it super exciting to O. One of the main reasons hubby and I love karate is, even with all the kicking and punching, it still requires the person to focus and maintain discipline. That is a lesson that will translate into every aspect of his life!

School is winding down. I looked at the state's DOE website and realized my kids had met or exceeded all standards for their respective grades. Woo Hoo! We only have 14 official days left then it's time off until July 9th! All but one book of our new curriculum is here and my planners get here tomorrow. Tomorrow I plan on taking a picture of the kids surrounded by the new curriculum. I am in awe of it all. I'm so happy about what we are doing next year. I even feel at peace with it. Usually I am still tweaking and altering stuff by this point. However, this time as each book or manual came in I felt so happy. This will be a good year.

Well, off to make sure O gets to sleep. Good night everyone. Sleep well.

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